Kitchenboard trim

The kitchenboard trim «Ideal» is an up-to-date classical style product, designed for decorating a joint between a wall and a surface of kitchen worktop. Close fitting of its soft edges to the wall and tabletop protect from water and dirt penetration. Optimally selected color palette provides a harmonious use with kitchen tabletops of various designs. It can also be used in bathrooms, due to its resistance to moisture and temperature extremes.


Kitchenboard trim

Item code: KB25
Length: 3,0 m
Qty in box: 20 pcs
Box: 118x64x3025 mm
Shipping weight: 8,8 kg
The kitchenboard trim «Ideal» is a stylish and practical solution for your house.

The product is being supplied in labeled corrugated cardboards. Each skirting board is also marked separately.


The set of components
for the tabletop skirting board

Item code: KB25:S5-P1
In Flow-pack: 1 pcs
In block: 10 flp
Qty in box: 10 block
Box: 475х125х350 mm
Shipping weight: 1,1 kg

001-0 White Glossy

002-0 Light Grey Glossy

081-0 Metallic Silver Glossy

008-0 Glossy Ivory

012-0 Glossy Beige

172 Light Pebbles

111 Light Grey Marble

549 Loft light beige

106 Beige Marble

547 Loft light grey

548 Loft grey

302 Wenge black

007-0 Black Glossy

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