Wall tiles «Ideal Kerama» are used for the decoration of interior walls in various rooms: bathrooms, balconies, kitchens. They are provided with water resistant, high-quality and easily cleaned coating, resistant to mechanical damage. Wall tiles could be mounted on various surfaces (concrete, plaster, plastic, wood, metal or tile) with different kinds of construction glues such as solvent-based (UnoFix Solo-250), polymer-based (UnoFix Eco-350), as well as with linoleum and vinyl covering adhesives.

Веер К55.png

Wall tiles

Item code: K-WP4x6
Size: 400х600х2 mm
Qty in box: 10 pcs
Box: 408х31х608 mm
Shipping weight: 9,6 kg

Pre-align and prime the wall. Apply glue around the perimeter and press it against the wall with force.

001-0 Glossy White

001-4 White Nappa

001-5 White Traverta

001-6 White Venice

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