Skirting board for linoleum

The linoleum skirting board is an indispensable tool for finishing clean rooms. Due to the special design, the linoleum skirting board fits snugly against the wall and creates a rounding at the junction of the floor and the wall. The well-thought-out shape and perforation of the profile greatly facilitate installation.


Bottom part

Item code: PL100
Length: 2,2 m
Qty in box: 20 pcs
Box: 125х110х2225 mm
Shipping weight: 7,5 kg

The skirting board for linoleum is a practical solution for the areas with high sanitary-and-hygienic requirements.


Quick, easy and durable are the best words to describe this linoleum skirting installation system. For installation of a plinth you will not need special knowledge and skills. Having at hand a standard set of tools, you can easily mount the plinth in the office or at home.


002 Light grey


006 Dark grey


012 Beige

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