Fastener for skirting board EasyFix

The “EasyFix” skirting board fastener is a ready-made, one-piece injection-molding unit made of a thermoplastic polymer which consists of two main elements: an expansion rod element and a dowel.


Fastener for skirting board EasyFix

Item code: FSEF-6х30-P50
In flowpack: 50 pcs
In block: 5 flp.
Qty in box: 10 block. / 50 flp.
Box: 475х125х350 mm
Shipping weight: 2,9 kg
Skirting board fasteners are used for quick installation of skirting boards and other items to full-bodied dense materials.
Монтаж 1
Монтаж 2
Монтаж 3

Insert the fasteners into the pre-drilled hole, then use a hand tool to apply force to the end part of the cap of the spacer rod element, due to which the jumpers are broken and the dowel expands with the movement of the rod, securely fixing along the diameter of the hole in the wall or other surface.

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