Rubberized transition profile with mounting duct

The rubberized transition profile with mounting duct is designed for decorating joints between single-level floor coverings. It is applicable with different level floor coverings: carpet, parquet, laminate, linoleum, tile and etc. The innovative fastening system with decorating cover bar enables fast and easy mounting/dismounting of profile in case of necessity. Lengthwise rubberized strips of the transition profile prevent from slipping. Durability of the transition profile is due to a special coating, ensuring high resistance to surface abrasion and detergents. Adhesive basis of the transition profile guaranties a firm adherence and safe fixation.


42 mm rubberized transition profile
with mounting duct

Item code: FTDr42.0,9 / FTDr42.1,8
Length: 0,9 / 1,8 м
Set: 1 profile, 6/12 dowel-nails
Qty in box: 10 sets
Коробка: 100х45х950 / 100х45х1850 mm
Shipping weight: 2,0 / 3,9 kg
«Ideal» rubberized transition profile with mounting duct - a compact item of the interior with safe, secure and practical characteristics.

Quick, Easy, Durable – the best words to describe the transition profile mounting system. The application doesn't require any special knowledge and skills. Having a standard set of tools at hand, you can easily mount the skirting board at your


002 Light Grey


006 Dark Grey


007 Black


012 Beige


014 Cappuccino


019 Brown

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