Rubberized stair nosing

The rubberized stair nosing "Ideal" can be used for the fixation of step edgings, decoration of external stair-corners and protection from damage. Durability of rubberized stair nosing is due to a quality of material and stuff coloring, which provide high resistance to surface abrasion and scratching. The hidden fastening system and adhesive basis of the rubberized stair nosing ensure safe fixation. The rubberized surface prevents from slipping. The stair nosing with dowel-nails in set are packed in Hang Hole DIY-pack.


45 mm rubberized stair nosing

Код товара: FSNr45.0,9 / FSNr45.1,35
Length: 0,9 / 1,35 m
Set: 1 stair nosing, 6/12 dowel-nails
Qty in box: 10 sets
Box: 95х75х950 / 95х75х1400 mm
Shipping weight: 2,5 / 3,6 kg
The «Ideal» stair nosing is used as a decorating and anti-slip finishing element for stairs.

Quick, Easy, Durable - these are the best words to describe the transition profile mounting system. To mount the transition profile, you do not need any special knowledge and skills. Having standard set of tools at hand, you can easily mount the “Ideal” transition profile at your home or office.


002 Light Grey


006 Dark Grey


007 Black


012 Beige


014 Cappuccino


019 Brown

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